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Become a Premium Lashes ambassador

What are the perks of being a brand ambassador?

  •  Receive up to 30% exclusive discount on Premium Lashes products and materials 
(Depending on exclusivity and monthly spending, you can have access to higher discounts by becoming a Premium Lashes Preferred Partner)
  •  Receive unique 10% discount code to promote for your followers to use
  •  Gain attention on social media platforms through Premium Lashes Australia
  •  Be one of the first ones about our exclusive inside views and first to try new products
  •  Appear in videos, photos, and marketing materials
  •  Be promoted in email marketing, social media
  •  Be invited to participate, represent, and/or perform lash services at trade shows and networking events

What do I need to do to become a brand ambassador?

  •  Be enthusiastic - We want you to love our products and the brand as much as we do. Get excited!
  •  Be professional - You must be a certified lash technician
  •  Your passion should reflect on your work, attitude both online and in person
  •  Be active - Show off your work, and engagement with your clients and other lash techs on social media
  • Acknowledge on your Instagram bio that you are a Premium Lashes brand ambassador
  •  Be a positive influence in the lash industry
  •  Interact on Instagram with: @Premiumlashes #premiumlashesau
  • Post at least 2-3 times per week