4 Reasons to not wear Lash Strips on Eyelash Extensions


  More lashes, More lash give us more lashes, even lash strips!!!   Lash Extensions are an enhancement that offers length, darkness, volume and shapes to suit an individual and they can easily mimic the always available strip lashes. But everyone ends up wanting a thicker, fuller lash line even more than the last time they had lash extensions.   So here is the thing. It is known that old habits die hard and when you have a quick event to go to the lashes need to be in the best style at all times. So if you must wear strip lashes on top of your lash extensions, the strip lashes need to be applied seamlessly to the skin and not touching the natural lashes or the extensions, it is perfect and you are ready to party.   If you must wear the lashes trips the trick is to use as minimal glue as possible. This may prevent the strips from staying on for a long time but it is just for a day or a day occasion right?   Now personally it is thought that maybe it is totally impossible to avoid touching any lashes at all and when removing the lashes strip you may lose one or two natural lashes and to you this maybe no big deal if it’s a one-off wear. But let’s say you wear these lovely lash strips every week, are you willing to lose two or more natural lashes and oh no ! maybe the lash extensions! every time you removed the strips? Let’s not forget you already spent lots of money and almost 90mins laying and waiting patiently for these beautiful lashes.   There is a disadvantage to wearing those strip lashes that normally would be worn for a night out or a one day occasion on top of your technically applied lash extensions by your lash technician.   5 reasons you should not wear lash strips on your lash extensions
  1. They will not sit flush to the extension at the top and may leave a gap.
  2. When removing lash strips, they may pull out the natural lashes and the extensions also.
  3. They may not follow the same shape and style as the extensions you already have on.
  4. The strips may end up looking abit too full and drag queen looking(Nothing against Drag queens of course) when may not be the look you initially were going for.

Don't of lash strips

So if you decide to either decide to lose a couple natural lashes with wearing then removing the lash strip or sticking to wearing your lash extensions make sure your use your lash serums and communicate with your lash technician.   Happy Lash Wearing !!